Stepping Stone Medical congratulates newly certified students

October 13, 2021

Stepping Stone Medical specializes in highly focused training

Training facility Stepping Stone Medical gives another hearty congratulations to the latest raft of students to graduate from the school.

STATESVILLE, NC, USA, October 13, 2021 / -- Stepping Stone Medical specializes in highly focused training for individuals looking to pursue a variety of careers in healthcare. From phlebotomy technician and medical assistant qualifications to education for aspiring medical billing and coding professionals, the school's range of courses is continuously growing.

Among the latest to graduate from the school are students from one of the training facility's phlebotomy classes. They do so buoyed by hearty congratulations from Stepping Stone Medical and its team. "We definitely had fun learning phlebotomy, but more importantly, we want to say huge congratulations to our newly certified phlebotomists!" said the school in a recent post shared with followers online.

A series of attached images and video clips uploaded to Instagram and elsewhere then further celebrated the latest class to graduate. "We're always immensely proud of every class and each student that graduates," says a member of the team, speaking from the medical training school's base in Statesville, North Carolina.

With that, registration is now open for an upcoming phlebotomy course, according to the facility's team. "Anyone looking to jump-start their phlebotomy career is welcome to register for the next class," adds their representative.

It's a fantastic proposition, too, as demand for qualified healthcare professionals reaches an all-time high. The call for phlebotomists, in particular, continues to increase, and the school's program in the field represents an extremely effective inroad, they report.

Benefits of taking a phlebotomy course at the facility include small class sizes and national certification. Additional life support training through the American Heart Association is also included.

Stepping Stone Medical is approved by the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges. It's also endorsed by the National Healthcareer Association to offer exams for phlebotomy. Elsewhere, the school further holds identical accreditation for its courses and exams in medical assisting, billing, coding, administration, and more.

Stepping Stone Medical introduces weekly CPR classes

Best known for its phlebotomy, billing and coding, and medical assistant courses, Stepping Stone Medical is also a leading provider of CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation classes. "Students new and existing are all welcome to enroll in our American Heart Association accredited CPR courses," explains a representative. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation classes, they go on to explain, are now held each week.

Taking place every Wednesday, advantages of attending a CPR course at the school include hands-on training and American Heart Association eCards delivered within 24 hours. "Refresher courses are also available," their representative points out, "as are various options for online learning."

Education provider Stepping Stone Medical has recently invested significantly in online learning to meet the needs of those unable to attend classes in person. Elsewhere, a range of further life support training options, also accredited by the American Heart Association, are also on offer.

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